10 Most Important Cyber Security Tips for Your Users

When we talk about cyber security, our concerns are majorly related to work in the offices or professional cybersecurity. Biy the fact of the matter is that one also needs to follow the cybersecurity practices. You can say it is the best practice when you are using the internet. Cybersecurity threats have arisen in the present times, and the growing concerns have made companies hire cyber security professionals. With the cyber security certification, one can easily get to know about the details of cyber security measures and their applications. The following section highlights cyber security tips that are going to help you ensure network security.

Top 10 tips for cyber security

1. Make sure that the software is up to date- The first thing that you need to take into consideration is that your software is up to date. It ensures that the new system is free of bugs and errors and performs seamlessly. You can switch on the automatic system updates. Keep the plugins like Java, Flas updated.

2. Use firewalls and antivirus- The next important thing you need to consider is that you miss installing a firewall and have anti-virus protection. This will keep your system safe and prevent cyber attacks. Windows and macOS come with their separate firewalls. Your router must also have a firewall to prevent an attack on the network.

3. Make sure that you use a strong password- It is important that you have a strong password to ensure online security. Make sure that you do not use the same password twice.

4. Use two-factor or multi-factor authentication- It is a service that adds a layer of security to the standard password. With two-factor, you will be prompted to enter additional authentication, which adds an additional security layer to your system.

5. Do not click on unsecured links- An important point that you must consider is that you miss not clicking on the unsafe links in a hurry. Make sure that the link is HTTPS and HTTP.

6. Learn about the phishing scam- Phishing scams are very common. You must acquaint yourself with such information so that you don’t fall prey to it. The phishing attempt can be in the form of emails or phone calls, or flyers. In simple words, you must not respond to unknown calls and emails.

7. Protect your Sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII)- Cyber criminals use this information to locate an individual. This can include your social security number, IP address, or digital identity. PII includes information such as name, address, phone numbers, date of birth. So make sure that you keep all this information as secure as possible.

8. Use your mobile devices securely- Mobiles are the easiest target nowadays. Around 1.5 million new incidents of mobile Malware are reported. Hence, you must ensure that your mobile data is secured. Make sure that you add a passcode, and this should not be your date of birth or pin. While installing the app, make sure that you download them from a trusted source.

9. Keep data backup- You must keep the data backup with you. The simple rule that you need to follow is 3–2–1. It means that you must keep 3 copies of your data on two different types of media like local and hard disk, and 1 copy on an off-site location like Cloud.

10. Don’t trust public Wi-Fi- Nowadays, many commercial places like retail stores, cabs, cafes offer free Wi-Fi. Make sure that you don’t always rely on public Wi-Fi. And if you are using public Wi-Fi, make sure that you also use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

These are some of the basic tips that you need to follow when it comes to cyber security. In the times to come, we rely on digital platforms, thus exposing a lot of data to the World Wide Web. With the cyber security certification program, you will know how to keep the system safe and secured. To know more about cyber society, certification connects with the Global Tech Council.



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