10 Popular Cybersecurity Certifications

While most cyber security professionals have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, many businesses prefer individuals who can demonstrate their awareness of best practices through cyber security training online. Here are hundreds of certificates to choose from, ranging from generic to vendor-specific, entry-level to advanced.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Earning your CISSP proves that you have IT security experience and can plan, implement, and manage a cybersecurity program.

To take the cyber security training certification CISSP exam, which is cyber security training online, you must have five years of total work experience in at least two of the eight cybersecurity fields. A few of the subjects covered are Identity and access management, security assessment and testing, security operations, software development security, etc., all topics covered in this course.

  • A four-year degree in computer science can replace one year of work. Paid internships and part-time jobs are also viable choices.
  • Cost (in US dollars): $749

Institute of Information Security Certified Information Security Consultant

For almost a decade, the Institute of Information Security has been one of the most trusted sources of hands-on information security training, providing exceptional, unequaled practical training to individuals and corporations worldwide.

Our training programs are designed to equip candidates/professionals attending our training to meet the obstacles they will face in real-life circumstances, keeping in mind the industry’s expectations.

  • The program lasts six months.
  • The program is priced at $130,000 plus tax for weekday batches and $145,000 for weekend batches.

PurpleSynapz — Cyber Pro Track

PurpleSynapz is a hyper-realistic research and training facility that aims to prepare the next generation of cybersecurity experts. Its goal is to create a cybersecurity talent pipeline in India, which will help to alleviate the country’s skills shortfall. PurpleSynapz offers a Modern Curriculum designed by India’s top information cybersecurity professional and experts and a Cyber Range and an Innovation Sandbox aimed at fostering the next generation of cyber security engineer certifications.

  • The program for six months long and is offered in both a classroom and an online format (Including 2 Months of Hands-on Internship)
  • The program costs $225,000, including GST. This charge must be paid only once you have been hired.

IIDT offers a Cybersecurity Post-Graduation Program.

The International Institute of Digital Technologies (IIDT) is a non-profit organization established by APEITA (Andhra Pradesh Electronics and IT Agency), an autonomous society based by the Government of Andhra Pradesh to promote the Information Technology and Electronics industries and registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001. This one-of-a-kind effort aims to ensure that students all over India/the globe are equipped with cutting-edge developing technologies.

  • The program will last 11 months.
  • The program’s cost is $525,000.

Edureka offers a Cybersecurity Certification Course.

Edureka is a global e-learning platform that provides live, instructor-led instruction in hot topics cyber security training certification artificial intelligence, data science, big data, cloud computing, blockchain, and cybersecurity. They provide short-term training with online resources and round-the-clock support. Edureka is dedicated to assisting working professionals in keeping up with rapidly changing technologies.

  • The program lasts four weeks (weekend batch)
  • The program costs Rs 14,995.

A Post Graduate Diploma in Cybersecurity is available from Amity.

Amity Institution is India’s leading university for research and innovation. Careers of Tomorrow is an effort of the globally approved Amity Education Group to provide high-end specialty programs to upskill students and working professionals in the Technology field for the cyber security engineer certifications.

  • The program will last 11 months.
  • The programme costs Rs1,55,000 to run (with flexible EMI options)

Reva University offers a PG Diploma/M.Tech in Cybersecurity.

REVA University’s REVA Academy for Corporate Excellence (RACE) offers a variety of specialized, techno-functional programs in developing technology fields custom-designed to meet the demands of working people looking to further their careers. These programs include the most up-to-date technologies, methodologies, and skill sets, all of which are in line with the industry’s future demands.

  • The program is 12 months in length. A PG Diploma costs Rs 350,000, and a 24-month M Tech program costs Rs 450,000.

Simplilearn offers certifications as a Certified Ethical Hacker and a Certified Information System Security Professional.

Simplilearn helps professionals and businesses flourish in the rapidly evolving digital economy. Big data, machine learning, AI, cloud computing, cybersecurity, digital marketing, and other new technologies are among the digital technologies and applications covered by the organization.

  • The CEH program lasts 40 hours for Rs 35,999, while the CISSP program lasts 32 hours for Rs 24,999.

Praxis Business School’s PGP in Cybersecurity

Praxis Business School is dedicated to contributing to developing a robust pool of people who understand the relationship between data, technology, and business. Praxis provides a two-year AICTE-accredited PGDM degree as well as a nine-month full-time data science and cybersecurity curriculum. This program has routinely been recognized among the top three in the country.

  • The program lasts nine months and includes 525 hours of lecture and lab instruction.
  • The program will cost Rs 3,00,000.

The Stanford Advanced Computer Security Program is a fantastic learning opportunity.

Great Learning is a technology-enabled online and blended learning firm that provides working professionals with high-quality learning programs. Business analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, etc., are among the ‘hard’ skills taught in the programs. For the past five years, Great Learning’s analytics programs have been voted #1 in India.

  • The program will last for six months.
  • The programme costs $2,495 (approximately)



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