5 factors for success in cybersecurity projects among shifting priorities

The surge of the internet was the biggest development that we have seen in the past, and it continues to transform our lives. The impact and penetration of the internet can be deciphered from the fact that we have 4.46 billion internet users (January 2021); this accounts for more than 50% of the world population. With such growing numbers, a lot of information is afloat in the virtual world, and this also draws the attention of the hackers who breach the security zone to steal the information. And hence, arises the need for cybersecurity. With the cybersecurity certification, the individual will know the right way to assess the vulnerabilities of the system and present the breach or hacking attempt.

The need for cybersecurity was felt more in the pandemic when the world needed to work remotely, pursue online education, and complete the payment and other work online. This also increased the data breach attempt. In 2020 alone, nearly 1.16 million cases of cyberattacks were reported, which was three times more than the numbers in 2019. This itself highlights the need for cybersecurity engineers and experts who can help build safer and secure systems. As most people continue to work remotely, the need to have a safe and secured system is even more in the present times. The demand for cybersecurity engineer certification has also risen. There have been several researches that show that there is a need for a more secure system. The following section highlights the top 5 priorities of companies pertaining to cybersecurity.

Top 5 priorities of cybersecurity

Around 20% of the world’s workforce will continue to work remotely; under such scenarios, there are aspects that the companies need to look into:

1.Cyber Security mesh that promotes distributed companies to leverage and extend security when required.

2.Having a cyber-savvy board comprises committee members who know how to leverage the right methods of cybersecurity.

3.Vendor conciliation to reduce the cost and enhance security. Around 80% of the organizations are planning to adopt a vendor consolidation strategy.

4.Identifying the potential security threats in the network and equipping the staff with the knowledge and techniques to overcome the threat. One of the ways to introduce this is upskilling the workforce with cybersecurity certification.

5.Establishing an enterprise-wide strategy to manage machine identities and certificates and secrets for a secured digital transformation.

Become a cybersecurity certified expert with the cyber security engineer certification by the Global Tech Council

Despite the growing importance and need for cybersecurity professionals, there is a stark scarcity of skilled professionals in this field. If you are working in the IT domain or you want to start your career, cybersecurity certification is going to help you overcome the professional challenges and establish yourself as a strong contender. The cybersecurity engineer certification focuses on imparting all the skills pertaining to network security, cybersecurity, penetration testing, servers installation and more. This online certification program is going to acquaint you with both conceptual and practical learning. To know more about the cybersecurity certification, connect with the Global Tech Council today.



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