Best Cybersecurity Certifications for Your Resume

Best Cybersecurity Certifications for Your Resume

Most industries rely on certifications to demonstrate a person’s dedication to professionalism and competence, but the stakes are considerably higher in cybersecurity. Managers utilize certifications to verify that job candidates have the in-depth technical skills and deep subject matter knowledge required to safeguard systems, networks, and programs from assaults and unauthorized access. IT security experts who want to move up the corporate ladder may find that employers require (or prefer) specialized certifications for certain job functions, therefore getting certified is essential.

Cybercrime is the fastest-growing type of crime in the United States, and it’s getting more sophisticated all the time. Customers’ personal information was taken from companies like Facebook, Panera Bread, Under Armour, and Uber, resulting in media attention. Administrative concerns and the need for cybersecurity certifications grow in tandem with data breaches.

Unfortunately, these worries are not unwarranted. According to Centrify, 66% of customers in the United States would stop doing business with a company if it had been hacked.

If you’re a business, you may find yourself trying to recruit top cybersecurity personnel or to train your IT staff in cybersecurity. As an IT expert, the growing need for cybersecurity abilities gives you a great opportunity to enhance your resume, make yourself stand out from the competition, and earn more money. You can now avail cyber security training online.

But where do you begin when there are so many different cyber security certifications online available?

CompTIA Security+

The CompTIA Security+ is an excellent entry-level cybersecurity certification. One of the most well-known certification bodies, CompTIA, offers credentials for both novices and more experienced IT professionals.

If you want to work in cybersecurity, you should start with Security+. It’s an excellent route for those just getting started in the field of cybersecurity certification. It delivers a solid foundation in cybersecurity fundamentals.

It aids in the training of new cybersecurity professional so that they are more equipped to identify and respond to threats as they arise. In addition, you’ll learn how to conduct critical security audits and create safe networks as a result of taking this course.

Cisco Certified Network Associate Security

The key to cyber security is spotting and resolving flaws before they are exploited. Knowing how to deal with threats when they arise is also beneficial.

If you want to work in network security, you need to hold the CCNA Security certification.

It’s well-known and regarded in the business community. Cisco is the leading networking equipment manufacturer. Your CV will stand out if you are fully conversant and experienced with their tools.

Clearance under DoD Directive 8570 is granted to you by this document. That way, you can land a job in one of the most well-paying industries in the government.

Additionally, you can use it in conjunction with other Cisco certifications to improve your job prospects and boost your income. If you decide to specialise, you have the option of moving into additional roles such as penetration testing.

Like the Security+ certification, it focuses on Cisco technology. You’ll learn how to manage risks, construct secure networks, and conduct vulnerability assessments.

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP)

Do you already have a CompTIA certification? Getting certified as a CompTIA Advanced Security Practioner (CASP) would be a logical next step for you.

Lower-level CompTIA certifications, such as Security+ and Network+, are geared for beginners. The CASP isn’t, and it assumes you’ve already had a lot of the experience. You must have at least half of your IT administration experience in a security role.

It aims to expand on your current knowledge and expertise while also filling in any knowledge gaps that may be stopping you from moving further.

You’ll master analytical research techniques. These tools will assist you in identifying and mitigating risk in corporate settings. You’re expected to build on your prior knowledge of the CASP certification.

The CASP certification can help you advance your career and land a better-paying management position.

Certified Information Security Manager (CISM)

What level of your career are you in terms of aiming for managerial positions? These skills can be improved by taking the CISM Certified Information Security Manager exam. This exam tests your management abilities. This course is provided by ISACA, another well-known IT organization.

You should have at least five years of experience in IT security. At the very least, three of them must be in a leadership position in a CISM-designated content area. These three areas include security and risk management, compliance, and program development.

In other words, it won’t turn you into a cybersecurity guru. If you’re pursuing this certification, you’re already proficient in the field. In order to help you become an expert security manager, it’s designed to help you develop the skills you need now.

You’ll discover what it takes to create sound security policies for your company. This course will teach you about assessing and mitigating security risks for companies and organisations.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)

Have you given any thought to your long-term professional goals? Salary choices for those with cybersecurity certificates have risen to as much as $400,000. In order to compete for these prestigious managerial positions, you must have the necessary certificates.

Getting your Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) will put you ahead of the competition. There is no time limit on the CISSP. To be able to study for the CISM, you’ll need to have worked full-time for about five years before applying.

The high regard that the CISSP certification enjoys sets it apart from other security certifications on the market. It’s the most established certification for IT security experts. It’s continuously upgraded to keep up with changing requirements and obstacles.

There’s no quick way to boost your career by studying for the CISSP. It necessitates dedication, as it will take several years to complete the necessary coursework and demonstrate the necessary work experience.

Wrapping up

Your IT staff will stay up-to-date on the latest strategies and security best practices with these top cybersecurity certificates, or they can help you raise your income and marketability yourself.

However, not only IT professionals should be security-aware. Security and technology concerns should be understood by all business employees.

Which raises the question: why aren’t more IT pros learning these skills? Time is the most significant obstacle in obtaining a cybersecurity certification. New Horizons offers instructor-led and online cybersecurity training options to suit your learning style.



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