How long does it take to learn Pentesting?

There is a commendable change in the job scenario, and people are now looking for niche specialization like penetration testing. The primary objective of this method is to check the vulnerabilities in the system, assess the loopholes and recommend the right changes in the application or network. The aim is to create a safe and secured network. Penetration testers help in resolving the security vulnerabilities in the system. They work as a part of the cybersecurity team or Information technology team. Many work full-time, while many prefer offering freelance services. Realizing the importance of pentesting, many companies are now hiring individuals who have pursued pentesting courses. The pentest training program equips the individual to learn in-depth about security testing and implementing the same.

Choosing the right pentest course

If you wish to become a pentest expert, then you can learn pentesting online. Several online platforms are offering the pentest courses. If you are new to this, then choose the penetration testing course for beginners. These programs specifically target the industry and prepare the module to get in-depth knowledge about the system. As far as the duration of pentest training goes, it varies on the type of program you enrol for; for example, if you enrol for, penetration testing course for beginners, then you have to spend more time learning and implementing your knowledge than those who have the expertise and are upskilling themselves.

Penetration Testers are usually employed with businesses that deal with sensitive information. Such information is confidential and needs complete security from any unauthorized access. To pursue this certification program, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, cybersecurity or IT. Many companies emphasize hiring individuals who have expertise rather than just educational qualifications.

This profession attracts ethical minds with advanced skills. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) counts, penetration testers fall under the category of information security analyst., There has been a considerable increase of 32% demand for information security analysts between 2018 and 2028. The median salary of a penetration tester is expected to be near $100,000 per year.

Key responsibilities of a penetration tester

As a penetration tester, your role is not merely limited to just testing the vulnerabilities; rather, you are expected to perform the following tasks:

1. Planning and designing the test- You must be qualified enough to develop experiments and simulations to test the system on security parameters and adjust the existing system.

2. Carry out tests- As mentioned above, your key responsibility as a penetration tester is to check the system and design assessment for testing. You also need to document the reports for future reference.

3. Creating reports and recommendations- As a penetration tester, you must make the assessment and check what missing areas are. All these are then compiled into reports to pre to the supervisors and other decision-makers in the organization. Based on the target audience, you have to change the language of the report.

4. Advice on security improvement- as a part of the pentest learning program, you are also taught how to present the report and advise the management to make the necessary changes in the system to make it infallible.

Become a certified pentester with pentest course with the Global Tech Council

The Global Tech Council offers the pentest certification and training program. This pentest course is designed for those who want to upgrade their knowledge base. This pentesting course is for 9 hours and is distributed over the weeks. As a part of this learning program, you will learn about installing a virtual machine, setting up the server, information gathering, webpages, bug hunting methodologies and more. To know more, connect with the Global Tech Council today.



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