How To Learn Ethical Hacking: Courses and Training

Ethical Hackers and their Types

  • White hat hackers
  • Grey hat hackers
  • Black hat hackers

Responsibilities of an Ethical Hacker

  1. Ethical hackers must seek authorization from the client before assessing the network.
  2. As a result of signing an NDA, ethical hackers are bound to keep their discoveries confidential.
  3. Ethical hackers should report any issues and breaches to the client.
  4. Above all, ethical hackers should erase their tracks to prevent hackers from accessing the information.

Ethical Hacking Courses

  • Certified Ethical Hacking Certification by EC Council
  • Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing Course by Cybrary
  • The Complete Ethical Hacker Certification Exam Prep Course by Udemy
  • Hacking and Patching Course by Coursera
  • Specialization in Hacking for Beginners by Udemy




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Mike Alreend

Mike Alreend

Result-oriented Technology expert with 10 years of experience in NFT, Metaverse, and web 3.0 Platforms. Passionate about getting the best ROI for the brand.