List out the best AI certifications to consider in 2022

What are the best AI certifications to watch out for in 2022

Due to the valuable features of artificial intelligence, every device, application, and website is embedding it in their system. Due to this, the possibility of a promising career in the technical field with artificial intelligence certification is high. In fact, high-paying employers consistently seek individuals with AI skill sets who can help their businesses to keep up with next-generation technical advancements. Hence, this article shares a list of the best AI certifications that will help you gain expertise as an AI developer or other relevant profession and fulfill your career goals.

Stanford University’s Artificial Intelligence Certification Program

It is one of the best artificial intelligence training programs most suitable for language programming and computer programming learners. Furthermore, the highly qualified industry expert professor Andrew Ng is the instructor of this artificial intelligence certification.

Further, you will cover the following topics while attending this certification program:

  • Concepts of machine learning
  • Probabilistic and logic models
  • Natural language processing
  • Concepts of robotics
  • Visual learning

Additionally, you can pair your courses with training and curriculum, including high-level probability and statistics, for sharpening your subject knowledge. Further, with this artificial intelligence certification, you will be able to crack jobs in the robotic engineering and AI programming sectors.

Prerequisites to fulfill:

  • Firstly, you need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant stream with at least 3 or higher grade points.
  • Next, you should have a deep understanding of advanced probability, linear algebra, and statistics.
  • Working experience in C/C++, Python, Java and others.

Artificial Intelligence A-Z

This artificial intelligence training course will get a thorough subject knowledge of AI and its subdomains. For example, deep learning, machine learning, and data science. Hence you will be able to build AI models for real-world applications.

Here is the list of topics that this particular artificial intelligence certification program covers:

  • Workings and usage of artificial intelligence
  • AI models and designs
  • Deep Q learning
  • Deep convolutional Q learning
  • Intuition q-learning
  • Virtual self-driving cars
  • Game testing and a few others.

Once you claim your artificial intelligence certification, you will be able to get a job in the AI programming business.

Prerequisites to fulfill:

  • Fundamental understanding of Python programming language and high school level mathematics.

Coursera’s AI course for Everyone

The founding leader of this course is Professor Andre Ng, a highly knowledgeable educator of Stanford University. Hence there is no doubt that the course material of this AI developer certification will be robust.

Here are prime topics that this artificial intelligence certification course covers:

  • Technical functionality of machine learning
  • Non-technical understanding of deep learning

Additionally, the instructor breaks down complicated concepts into short quizzes to enable learners to grasp the concept easily.

Prerequisites to fulfill:


EDX’s Introduction to Artificial Intelligence with Python

Well recognised Harvard University backs up this ai certification providing an excellent opportunity to learners to gain a verified certificate. With his dedication program, you will learn how to implement artificial intelligence technology using the Python programming language. Also, the course trains you to utilize complex mathematical concepts for finding AI-based solutions.

The certification will cover these topics:

  • In-depth understanding of logical inference and probability theories to learn the creating procedure of AI-enabled models.
  • Functionality and workings of machine learning, neural networks, reinforcement learning and many other relevant techniques. It will help you to leverage data to build artificial intelligence algorithms.
  • Topics regarding Markov models, graph search algorithms, and Bayesian networks.
  • Furthermore, you will learn how to create constraint satisfaction designs with this certification. Also, you will get an authentic certification from Harvard University once you finish your course. Hence applying for jobs with this certificate will be beneficial.

Prerequisites to fulfill:

You should have experience of using python with CS50 (Preferably).

Coursera’s IBM Applied AI certification course

IBM provides certification courses where you will learn how to use Python for AI solutions, build chatbots and virtual assistants for businesses. In addition to this, you will also learn about Deep learning, neural networks, and machine learning.

Furthermore, the course will cover the following essential training:

  • Creation of AI-enable programs using Python and APIs as well as Watson AI service of IBM without needing to write-intensive coding.
  • The creation of business-based chatbots and virtual assistants can efficiently handle customer queries without needing any human help.

Prerequisites to fulfill:



Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence is the future of our technologically savvy world. In fact, it has been affecting our day to day activities for a long time now, from making our everyday tasks easier to helping businesses in solving complex issues. Hence your choice to become an AI developer is appreciable. Aside from getting a great salary, you will be helping the world with more convenience and comfort.




Result-oriented Technology expert with 10 years of experience in NFT, Metaverse, and web 3.0 Platforms. Passionate about getting the best ROI for the brand.

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Mike Alreend

Mike Alreend

Result-oriented Technology expert with 10 years of experience in NFT, Metaverse, and web 3.0 Platforms. Passionate about getting the best ROI for the brand.

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