Pros and cons of Penetration Testing

Pros and cons of penetration testing

Pen Testing or PT or Penetration Testing is a type of ethical hacking mimicking a potential cyberattack on any system or network applications or devices.

When used appropriately, it can benefit you in identifying the security defenselessness before they become a hardship allowing you to remediate any outcomes, which will ultimately strengthen the vitality of your safety posture.

How does this Pen Testing work, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of Penetration Testing?

To know all the answers to these queries, you need to have a look at this article.

What is Penetration Testing?

A Penetration Testing, also known as a Pen Test, is a simulated cyberattack against your computer system to survey for exploitable vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing is widely admitted as an essential part of cyber security.

In the circumstances of web application security, Pen Test (PT) is commonly used to enhance a web application firewall.

Pros and Cons of Penetration Testing


  • Reporting Vulnerabilities

The prime advantage of Penetration Testing is that the Reports. These Reports provide specific advice.

The Pro of Penetration Testing(PT) is reporting the vulnerabilities.

Dissimilarly, automatically generated documents, reports from the tools that demand generic remediation information, reports from the penetration tests can rank and rate vulnerabilities according to the leaf of the risk and any company’s budget.

  • Pen-Testing(PT) Specifies high-risk weaknesses.

Minor vulnerabilities can appear inconsequential, but cyberpunks, hackers frequently lookup for these weaknesses to create intrusion classifications that take small, steady undertakings to spy the open security gaps into much vaster weaknesses.

These holes are always ignored by the organizations or security systems, but in some cases, if pen testers repeat a cyberpunk’s strategies, undoubtedly, they will be eligible and prepared to identify such points of access.

  • Establish trust with your client

A cyberattack or data infringement negatively dominates the confidence and loyalty of the customers, vendors, and partners in a company and organization. Financing in foresighted cybersecurity to protect companies’ systems and data from cyberattacks is one of the extensively vital advantages or pros of Pen Testing or Penetration Testing.

The organizations can also improve a status for maintaining a standard of greatness and superiority regarding cybersecurity to the current and forthcoming customers.


  • Blunders can cost a hefty price.

Penetration testing, as we all know, hacking all or some data of your IT systems. It can uncover sensitive security issues concerning both the company and the customer’s data.

In case PTs are not performed appropriately, they can cause a lot of destruction. The important data can be violated, and all the servers may crash.

No one wants to lose their company’s crucial and private data. All the missteps can sometimes cost a hefty price.

  • Pen Testing could be unscrupulous.

Pen Testing employs the same techniques that hackers or criminals use.

The aspects that take place during Penetration Testing can sometimes be unscrupulous. Most people argue that Penetration Testing can motivate unfavourable attitudes, and this can be harmful.

  • You need to Trust your Pen Tester(PT)

The one who is into Penetration Testing is actually having your system. So it would be best if you are confident with that particular person.

If you oversee this aspect, you will be in very hardship.

Always depend on that person whom you trust and who is experienced in the field.

Pentest Training

Training yourself in Penetration Testing is more valuable. Also, Pentesting Training can help you to gain the best knowledge of all the viewpoints of Penetration Testing.

If you are a student and want to make a great career in Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing, you need to be certified and hold mastery in it.

Pen-Testing certification is available online and offline.

There are most recognized certifications for penetration testing certification online.

Pen Testing is the most preferred and popular career only if you hold good and recognized certifications in the world today.

Stages of Pen-Testing (PT)

You will find nearly 5 stages in Penetration Testing.

  • Planning and Setting up your goals.
  • Visionary Scanning.
  • Presenting the Attacks.
  • Access maintenance.
  • Conclusion and Configuration

Models of Pen-Testing(PT)

  1. Internal
  2. External
  3. Blind
  4. Double-blind and
  5. Targeted testing.


Lastly, Pen Testing is the exploitation of all the vulnerabilities present in a companies’ or organization’s network. It encourages determining which vulnerabilities are exploitable and the level of information disclosure or sometimes the network control that the company can expect cyberpunks to accomplish after successfully exploiting the vulnerability.

There are both pros and cons of Penetration Testing. This helps and also causes some disruptions. The option of PT should be chosen wisely. With the 5 stages of Pen-Testing, the openness of an organization can be done in these stages.

Penetration Testing can be great and also harmful. It depends on the usage.

Pen-Testing training is also available with Penetration Certification both online and offline.



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