Top 4 chatbots for Higher Education 2021

Top 4 Best Chatbots for Higher Education 2021

Chatbots are getting popular day by day, and they are in use vastly on different platforms. Chatbots are technically smart and automated machine learning and artificial intelligence-based bots who make conversations with users via chatbox. This technology gives an easy and quick query or problem-solving platform. The Chatbot developer can develop enough intelligent chatbots which they can use to take questions and solve this with their artificial knowledge. This makes it a cost-effective tool. Many businesses, the medical sector, any kind of booking sector are using this to grow their business. But chatbots are more than just a business tool. It has more capability and potential.

Best Chatbots for Higher Education:

In 2021, chatbots are even in use as a business tool, and these bots are now in use in the higher education sector. They can use it for the enrollment process, improve retention, and help new or enrolled students solve any quarter or any problem. The chatbots in higher education platforms can do some time-consuming jobs in no time, they are available 24x7, which offers students any time assistance, and they do their job real quick. Because of all these advantages, many higher education platforms are using chatbots.

When it is about choosing chatbots that work for higher education, it is essential to select one which utilizes a better algorithm and is intelligent enough to answer all the quart of students without contacting the helpdesk anyway. Here we briefly discuss the top 4 chatbots equipped with better algorithms and artificial intelligence to choose for the higher education system in the year 2021. These chatbots are,

1. Mongoose Harmony by Drift:

Drift powers the mongoose harmony chatbot. It is designed to properly do the job of higher education staff persons easily, effectively, and without adapting or trying to adapt to any new virtual assistant. This smart chatbot is can also pay off with good returns in the long run. It is in use as an intelligent chatbot purposefully to meet the growing demand of customers. It is useful for access at the time of enrollment, admission, results, or any other necessary time. Mongoose harmony effectively helps higher education institutions to evolve. So, they can meet the new demand of the new generation. This can further route the visitors of the website to the appropriate page or relevant content in no time. Drift’s smart Mongoose harmony can help to transform a website into a user-friendly and easy-to-use hub for common question answers and information.

2. Amazon’s QnABot:

This is another smart, intelligent, and in-use chatbot for higher education. With the use of Amazon’s Alexa and Amazon Lex, this intelligent chatbot further provides a conversational platform to the student of higher education. This chatbot enables students to ask direct questions to the platform and get the needed information quickly. This QnABot of Amazon is in use for carefully prioritizing the concept of students’ for better comfort and easy access. So it is enabled to sort through numerous information quickly, find out the correct information from it, and give accurate details of an institutionally related query of students real fast.

This bot can effortlessly and rapidly add new additional features of institutions, and it also provides a feedback platform to the students to give their valuable feedback. This smart chatbot, pronounced as “Q and A,” practically has all the answers to student questions. This smart and efficient chatbot is already in use in many higher educational institutions; St. Louis University is a popular one to name.

3. HubBot by HubSpot:

HubBot is another artificially intelligent chatbot enabled to serve in the higher education service, developed by HubSpot. It can answer basic queries of students depending on the given information. It can even book various meetings, integrate with the user’s existing HubSpot CMR. They can also use it for even track of communication and filter it if needed. Its advanced technology and good script make it more realistic; the answer, solution, and conversation appear authentic and so fundamental to the user that the user can even think that a live human provides the answer or solution. This makes it a more popular chatbot with an extremely straightforward process.

4. IBM’s Watson:

One technically advanced and globally reputed company, IBM also has its advanced chatbot for the higher education sector. IBM Watson is a specially optimized chatbot for interaction with universities worldwide, from the U.K., the U.S., to Europe. Watson Conversation Service is the leading technology that is being referred for the Watson chatbot. This intelligent chatbot provides a solution to the student query, downloads various documents, and provides the document to the students when they need it. It also answers all the subject-specific questions asked by any students. IBM Watson chatbot values the benefit of the virtual assistant. This technology is also appropriately optimized to work more effectively for higher education purposes. To make IMB’s Watson chatbot more efficient, simple, and user-friendly for all types of users, IBM’s Cognitive Platform and Watson Conservation Service work together seamlessly.


Business, medical, or even education, the chatbot is helpful in all fields. This grows the demand for chatbot training. And students, with the help of chatbot certification, can also get an excellent job as chatbot developer at present. The use of chatbots in higher education makes admission, enrollment, and various processes easy and decreases the workload on a grand scale.




Result-oriented Technology expert with 10 years of experience in NFT, Metaverse, and web 3.0 Platforms. Passionate about getting the best ROI for the brand.

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Mike Alreend

Mike Alreend

Result-oriented Technology expert with 10 years of experience in NFT, Metaverse, and web 3.0 Platforms. Passionate about getting the best ROI for the brand.

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